The Byrds Character Design (Digital, 2016)

Femme Fatale Design and Story Moment (Digital, 2014)

Greek Monsters Character Designs (Digital, 2017)

Sherlock Fox Story Moment

Sherlock Fox Character Explorations and Hero Pose (Digital, 2014)

Sherlock Fox Character Expressions and Turnarounds (Digital, 2014)

Sherlock Fox Story Moments

Mad Max Film Still Design, Medusa Character Design, Strawberry Vampire Character Design (Digital, 2014)

Odysseus Hero Pose and Silhouette Explorations (Digital, 2017)

Various ‘Inktober’ Sketchbook Designs (Brush Pen and Ink, 2015-2016)

Character Designs (Digital 2014-2016)

Location Drawings, Covered Market, Oxford (Brush Pen and Ink, 2015)

Panels from work in progress graphic novel ‘the whale’ (digital)

Location Drawings, Symond’s Yat, UK (Gouache, 2014), Spandau, Germany (Pen and Ink, 2012), Coney Island, USA (Pen and Ink, 2007)

Digital Painting of Gloucester Green, Oxford (2014), Mad Men Character Designs (2014), Character Designs

Location Drawings- Natural History Museum, Oxford (Brush and Chinese Ink, 2015), Annecy, France (Pen and Ink, 2010), New York, USA (Pen and Ink, 2007)

Sketchbook Drawings from Life (2013-2016)

Illustrations on the theme of ‘Nonsense’ (Digital, 2015)

Character Designs- Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash (Digital, 2016)

Character Designs- Townes Van Zandt and Tom Waits (Digital, 2016)